What will you commit to in January?

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Christmas and New Year are over and we’re already into the first full week of January. We’re back into work mode, focused and committed to making this year count… so what ONE thing are you going to focus on in January? What commitment are you going to make to yourself and your business, to REALLY kick-start January and create a great start to your new year?

When it comes to ramping up the commitment, focusing on ONE thing at a time really is the best option. It enables you to REALLY dedicate your time, energy and motivation on what’s important for you AND your business.

what do you commit toIf you’re not sure where you want to put your focus for January, here are some helpful hints to kick-start the process… and ensure a positive new “one thing” habit is added to your arsenal of business tools for 2015.

Commit to yourself and your business

This is especially important if you work from home. You may be a solo entrepreneur or have a virtual team to help your business grow, but working from home can be tough – and that doesn’t just mean because of the distractions around you.

If you live and work in the same environment it can be difficult to get started at the start of the day and/or switching off at the end of the day. Take yourself and your business seriously. This may mean your one commitment for the month is to create a dedicated office space, setting office hours that fit around your family or even dressing for work. Whatever you decide, make the decision and commit to carrying it out.

commit to take noteCommit to getting organised – take notes!

This may sound like an obvious one – but what notes are you taking? Do you write down all the tasks you need to carry out on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis? Do you diarise all appointments? Do you make notes when you’re talking to potential and existing customers on the phone? Do you keep a record of potential contacts and joint venture partners?

Make notes on HOW you do things too – as this will save you masses of time in the long run. For example, you’re getting to grips with a new software program, website template or even creating a new phone script – take notes of what you’re doing and how things work – you can then create checklists and templates to make the job much easier (and quicker) the next time.

commit to 30 daysCommit to it for 30 days

Whatever you decide to focus on, commit to it for the entire month! It’s all to easy to let the commitment slide once you feel you’ve made progress… but instead, use it as a booster to propel you to the end of the month. This will ensure you can tick off your chosen one thing from your list, but also give you the motivation to start another “one thing” challenge for yourself in the remaining months of 2015!

What one thing are you committing to for January? Did you find the above tips helped you make a decision? You can REALLY cement in that commitment AND achieve a higher success rate by sharing your one thing with others… so why not share it as a comment in the section below? 

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