Values & why they’re so important in hiring your Dream Team

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What I hear you say, why do I need to work out what my values are? They’re not going to help me build my business!

Look how United Airlines is splattered over every media service and all over social media because of how they treated a customer on their plane! Everyone is in uproar over the incident, we all in shock on how we could treat another human being like this! Many businesses are withdrawing their businesses; how will this turn out? How will it affect their turnover and profit? It’s been estimated in 2 days that they lost about $1bn on their share price.

The world is left wondering what went so horrendously wrong? What is the culture of the company like if their team act like this? What are the values for the company? Companies may say that the customer comes first and they want every customer to have a great experience. In United’s case they say “Our goal is to make every flight a positive experience for our customers.” Well, something went wrong in this case. My guess is something is misaligned between the ‘company values’ and their hiring process or their communication strategy.

Lessons Learned

What lessons can you we learn from this so you don’t have catastrophes like this in your business?

Review these questions:

  • Do you know your own core values?
  • Have you got company values implemented within your business?
  • How do you want your clients to perceive your business?
  • What sort of relationship do you want to build with your clients?
  • How do you want your clients to perceive you and your team?

When you look at quite a few of the corporate businesses today, many have values that they share, their employees are probably given a business card sized card with the values written on it to carry around, they may be the first thing their customers see when they go on their website. There may be three or four words that the company have chosen to be their values as well as benefit them in gaining new clients, for example Trust, Integrity, Achievement, Delivery, Passion. Though the question is, are their team bought into these values? Or is there some misalignment?

Building a great team around you

Yes, it is really important how your clients perceive you, what you also need to take into consideration is the interaction with your team!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you want to interact with your team?
  • How do you want your team to work?
  • How do you want them to act?
  • How do you want them to treat a client or interact with a client?

The way your team work and interact is largely based around their values. This is why it is so important to ensure that you have people on your team who are aligned with your values. This does not mean that all people have the same skillset and they will all be drones – but they will all be working in a for example trusting way.

Many people find that when they are interviewing that have that conversation, you connect with the person and you think, “Yes, they’ve got all the skills I want, brilliant, what they’ve done in the past sounds great.” Then you get them on your team. Something just doesn’t work out. Something is not quite right. What is it? You just can’t put your finger on. It’s probably one of two things, one is you didn’t dig deep enough in your questioning or two its highly likely that their values aren’t aligned to your values, especially if it’s a small business that you’re running.

If you have a team that works well together in a trusting environment passionate about delivering a quality service or product and you hire someone onto the team who is extremely driven and is only interested in the sales and starts to cut corners or push the team to be faster this can really upset the team. Ensure that when you are interview that you do dig deep with your questions so you truly understand how the person works and if they will be aligned to your businesses way of working.

Review your Values

hiring skillsTake some time out. Actually sit down, review your values, review what you want the business to look like.

  • Do you know what your values are?
  • Have you actually done the exercise to work out what your values are?
  • What are the most important values for you? There are so many of them. Some of mine are trust, integrity, achievement, family.

Once you know your values work out how you want your business to be perceived? Do you want your business to be known as the trusted XYZ organisation so you know that your clients know that whatever they share with you, whatever that you are doing for them, you will do it to the best of your capability?

If you’ve got a team already it’s a great idea to have a brainstorming session with them to work out what you as a team believe the companies values are.

  • How do you want clients to perceive you?
  • What is it that’s integral within you all in the team?
  • How do you come across to your clients?
  • What is important to you all when you’re expanding your team?

Values are so important when you’re hiring, so please implement yours NOW. I’d love to hear how implementing your values within your team has helped you grow your business. Comment below.


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