Stressed? Overwhelmed? Juggling too much? Need a Solution?

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the fine balancing act you have between work, family & you time?


I was talking with a client recently and the last few weeks she has been working in overdrive, they had a big event on as well as having to deliver to her clients, she has done a brilliant job! Though she has got to a position where she feels she is in constant overdrive, feeling overwhelmed, her mind has not switched off! She is even waking at night thinking of work and what she must do. She has got to the stage where she is not sure what is real and what she dreamt!

Have you ever found yourself in this position?

I have, many times….what I found really works for me is to stop, make a cuppa and take a moment or few, to get EVERYTHING that is buzzing around my head down on paper or if you prefer on the computer!

Ask yourself, what are the major areas that you need to work on, they could be

  • Recruiting for a client
  • Writing your next blog
  • Identifying where your next client is coming from
  • Following up invoices and paying suppliers

Whatever they are, write down the headlines, you can divide your page up or do a mind map, whichever works for you.

Then take one of the areas and write everything down that is buzzing in your head, whether it is something you need to do now or something in the near future, someone you need to speak to or something that someone else is doing and you need to check in on its progress, write it all down. Then move on to the next area and repeat the process. While you’re going through this exercise if you think of something to add to a topic you have covered, go back and add it, keep doing this till you feel that everything is on the paper and you don’t have to worry about forgetting any of it!


Dumbledore and the pensive springs to mind, get your thoughts out of your mind and into your pensive (your journal). It allows you to make room in your mind and give you the space needed to review your thoughts and create something amazing!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you do to clear your mind, reduce overwhelm and step back in control?

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