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With Easter fast approaching, it’s traditionally the time for rebirth and renewal. Whether you decide on your business goals in the January New Year, or start your new year plans to match the fiscal New Year in April, Easter is the ideal opportunity to take a look at how your business year is going so far.

The goals you’ve already set

hatching new plans for 2015So, how are you getting on? We’re just getting started in the second quarter of 2015 – are your plans coming along nicely? Are you where you want to be? How is this year measuring up for you? What measuring guidelines do you have in place to accurately indicate how far you’ve come and where exactly you are on your journey? Do you have everything, as well as everyone, you need in place to ensure your success?

Your goals can change

If your answers are less than satisfactory, it’s still all good! It means you have the perfect opportunity to re-examine those goals, to see if you still want them or if they need tweaking slightly.

The great thing about goal setting is… they aren’t set in stone! As we’re now reaching the traditional time of rebirth, do you need to think of rebirth? Do you need to reassess your goals? Are you now in a position to give life to some new ideas and goals? Are you goals actually exciting enough for you and big enough to get your heart racing – or where you previously playing it small and safe?

Make new plans

plans and goalsYou may not need to totally change your goals – some may just need slight adjustments to get them on the right (or a better course). For example:

  • Are you on the right social media platforms?
  • Do you need to change the end date and/or result?
  • Are there additional steps that need taking, prior to you aiming for your goal?

The important thing to remember is, regardless of whether you scrap a goal or change it, it’s a good thing! It doesn’t mean you’ve failed or should be feeling disappointed in any way, it simply means you’re readjusting your direction.

It can be difficult, especially if you work on your own, to give yourself a regular space to review your progress. Setting the destination you want is always so much easier than steering the course. It may be time to look at getting in help to ensure you reach those goals – whether that’s a mentor, support group or extra team members, to lighten your load and help your business grow. So why not get hatching those new ideas and see what you can achieve during the rest of 2015!

How do you feel after reviewing your goals? Are you where you want to be? What resources do you need to put in place to help make those goals achievable? If your plans include hiring a new team member, why not check out my new ‘Hire Your Dream Team’ membership group? This ‘bespoke for you’ service has everything you need (including templates, advice and step-by-step plans AND mentoring throughout the process), to ensure you easily hire the RIGHT team member for you – just click here to check out the details and register your interest!

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