Am I back to my old self?

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I saw this phrase (Am I back to my old self? Hell No! I found my better self!) on fb! It was awesome & so me! The person who shared it had recently gone through a breakdown, fortunately for me I haven’t! Though about 10 months ago, I broke my arm…a decent break, incapacitating me for 8 weeks, unable to shower, to dress myself properly, unable to drive! And to top it, 3 weeks after breaking my arm, I fell down the stairs (luckily only the last one) but having no arm to protect myself I landed face first, not a great look!  My husband, mother and son were all amazing throughout this time…I am so fortunate to have such amazing people in my life.

I think the universe was telling me something! I’ve listened but like most people I didn’t pick up on the signs for a while!

I’ve been in business for 19years. A couple of years ago I completed one of those personality profile type reports StrengthScope, it informs you what your top 7 strengths are, the strengths that energise you, that fill you up. One of mine is collaboration, I was keen to utilise this so when I was approached about setting up a business with someone, I thought, why not, I was at a turning point in my business and had the opportunity, we had similar values and I was bought into the vision, so I thought let’s give it a go!

Most people give you the standard response ‘I’m fine’ when in reality they are not! I admit I’ve had a very challenging year. When I look back and think why, the reason is fear! I saw this as a way to get to my end goal faster! I was afraid to go to market by myself, I didn’t feel I had all the skills!

What I love about the last year are the lessons I have learnt – I have found my better self! I now know that I don’t need to have all the skills, I can collaborate with amazing people in my ever-growing network.  This was the stepping stone that I needed to find the better me! I am now so much stronger and excited about my business.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learnt:


Who are your rocks? Who are the people that have your back? Who is your cheerleader when this go well and who is there to give you a hug when you’ve had a bad day? Bad days happen.

First Impressions

That first impression and connection is so important. How do you come across? How do you connect? One of the first things you are taught in sales training is that you have two ears and one mouth – use them in that proportion! Take a genuine interest in people, you may be surprised by what you learn. And Act how you want people to remember you, do what you say you are going to do.


Collaboration and partnering with others is an amazing way to grow your business, to help each other and to build your network and reputation. This collaboration didn’t work out how either of us expected but what we’ve done is understand what each of us need now support each other in our independent business growth.


Communication is the cornerstone to any business, whether you are communicating with your clients or team or getting your message out, the way you communicate is so important. Ensure that you have clarity on what you want – what your end goal is? And ask yourself ‘have I explained this correctly? Does the person I am communicating with understand my expectations?’ if in doubt get clarification – ASK!

Communication is the response you get – if you are not getting the response you expect, then maybe you have not communicated your expectations clearly!

Energy & Enthusiasm

Energy; look after yourself! Energy can be positive and negative. If you don’t have the right energy, you won’t have as much enthusiasm and your clients will pick up on this. The wrong energy will affect more than your business, negative energy can creep into your mind, your home and your relationships. Also beware as it happens the other way round too, negative energy from an incident at home can affect how you show up in your business.

Enthusiasm goes a long way – if you are not enthusiastic about your product or service then how can you expect your clients to be? You need to be bought into what you are selling!

Strengths & Motivations

Play to your strengths! That is what people say all the time – this is so true! I you are not working or playing to your strength then you lose your energy and enthusiasm. For example you may not be a good web developer/designer so why do it – get the expert to do design and develop your website. Or get someone else to do your book keeping if this does not energise you! Or ensuring you have someone on hand to ensure you achieve your business goals!

Identify what your strengths and what motivates you are and use them!

Believe in yourself

Everyone has the little voice of doubt in your head – be aware of it, as often your instincts are spot on but be able to identify if it’s your experience giving you great advice or the doubt trying to stop you doing what will be good for you! You are stronger than you think and capable of much much more! If you can think it, you can do it!

I am so excited to be back and honestly feel like I am a new and improved me! I went for a walk over the fields behind where we live with my boy, who’s 7, I’d started walking 4K a few times a week to get me back into running, he was so chuffed to come with me, he rode his bike and suggested that we walk 5km, then while we were walking he pushed us even further and suggested doing 6km. To his amazement we found a pheasant’s tail feather – he was over to mood with it and kept saying “look mum if we didn’t go that little extra we would never have found this feather – aren’t you please we went that little extra.” What an amazing lesson to learn at this young age – push yourself a little further and the rewards are awesome! Thank you son for this lesson.

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